Working for Lafarge in Malaysia


Building Leaders of Tomorrow

Lafarge is a leading building material company in Malaysia offering products like concrete, cement, and aggregates for various industry. With our quality products and innovative solutions, we help Malaysia build better - homes, buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and infrastructures. Our aim is to help cities and townships build more durable and compact housing while making them beautiful and better connected at the same time.


Our Core Values



At Lafarge, we follow these values to help guide our decisions every day. These core values are the foundation of our identity and culture - helping to ensure Lafarge continues to grow together with all of our stakeholders including employees, contractors, investors, and consumers as well as the nation.


Accountability and Transparency

At Lafarge, we believe in employee empowerment. Empowerment instills confidence and accountability in all levels.

Transparency cultivates trust and keep communication lines open across all stakeholders.

These values help build trust and respect which in turn bring everyone together better as a team.


Collaboration and Trust

Team effort is crucial in the construction industry. People of different professions such as contracting, architecture, and building materials must work together.

Everyone has their roles to fulfill. Collaboration is important for employees working at Lafarge - from production and sales to marketing and management.

To effectively move forward, we must have trust in our teammates. At the same time, it is crucial to also build trust with our clients through quality products.


Simplicity and Agility

Set in a region that is still developing, Lafarge has to be able to meet with the ever-changing demands of the industry.

To succeed, we need to have agility - the ability to renew, adapt, change quickly and grow.

For Lafarge to be agile, we need to have a productive and engaging work environment. Simplicity helps increase productivity and encourages innovation.

At Lafarge, we are focusing on empowering and equipping our employees to do fewer things better.


Growing together with Lafarge



Come join our team today! At Lafarge, people of diverse backgrounds work together as a team in a safe, inspiring and nurturing environment. We are committed to building long-term relationships that add value to the organisation.


At Lafarge, we:

  • Develop talent
  • Value differences
  • Empower and engage
  • Build high-performing teams


We offer valuable career development at Lafarge. We believe in supporting our employees by learning and growing together. To compete on the global playing field, we bring in experts across the world to share specialist knowledge and expertise of occupational safety and health professionals. Our employees are encouraged to gain recognised professional qualifications in their field of expertise.

This continuous learning culture will help you to take ownership of your learning and be proactive in your personal development - either in your career or personal life.