Working for Lafarge in Malaysia


Lafarge Malaysia has always been proud of its people management skills.  We help our people develop their careers by developing their passions,  In addition, we offer our employees the opportunity to play a leading role in selling new standards of quality, innovation and sustainability as we move towards our ambition of "Building Better Cities".


This is why People Development is one of the core tenets of our company, representing our continued dedication towards equipping, guiding and providing opportunities for employees to grow within the organisation.

We Believe in People Development

Lafarge aims at making every employee contribute to their full potential in their job. People development within Lafarge is a key driver for performance and change, supporting the achievement of key business challenges and strategies. For this reason, developing people and teams is a fundamental responsibility of all managers at Lafarge. For every area of people development, Lafarge promotes a variety of development practices at any level of the organisation.


On the Job Learning

Offering individuals new and challenging job opportunities (international experience, management of teams with complementary skills).


Action Learning

Enabling people to work effectively and to be successful in their missions by giving them special assignments or projects.



Offered through the Group training courses or recommended external training or developed at entity level when specific to business requirements.



Enabling continuous improvement of behaviours after individual or team assessment, by using internal or external resources.


Knowledge Sharing

Transferring best practices and build knowledge and know-how through teamwork, transversal projects and networks.

Developing Leaders

We have established numerous programmes to nurture and cultivate leadership qualities, among which include the Leadership Development Programme for Supervisors (LDPS) and ‘iLead' for our middle managers and executives.


The LDPS is designed to equip frontline supervisors with the right tools to manage their teams while preparing supervisors to progress to the next level in their careers, whilst ‘iLead' is a series of purpose-built training programmes targeted at enhancing leadership competencies in middle managers and young executives. 

Building Competencies

As the Company evolves to meet the needs of the industry, it is essential that our people continuously enhance their competencies to keep up with the times. We have established an ongoing competency development programme to achieve this aim which is directed at the sales executives and plant operators who handle ready-mixed concrete functions as well as quarry managers.


Through this programme, participants are given specific learning and development interventions throughout the year, with each participant undergoing a post-assessment on current competency at the beginning of the year, to assess the individual's improvement.

Managing Compliance

Compliance is also a key component of our business, and we are dedicated towards ensuring the highest level of adherence to international and local standards. One of the activities in this area was the Code of Business Conduct Training, which was rolled out in the final quarter of 2013 to train our employees.


In addition, our employees in the Financial Department attended a programme on the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards to keep them abreast of the latest changes in financial reporting.

Attracting Talent

To ensure that we have a talent pipeline, we place much emphasis on attracting talent. In 2013, we participated in several career fairs to scout for available talents and gain an insight into the standard of potential employees in the market.


We took part in our first-ever Graduan United Kingdom Executive Council, a collaboration with the United Kingdom and Eire Council (UKEC) for Malaysian students, Talent Corporation Malaysia and the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. This was an effective way to reach out to Malaysian students in the United Kingdom and Eire. It also gave us an opportunity and headway to recruit some of the best graduates from the United Kingdom.


We were one of 70 corporations which participated in in Graduan Aspire, a career programme jointly organised by Talent Corporation Malaysia and the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The fair was held on 6 and 7 July 2013 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.


Besides the career fairs, we also continued with the Lafarge Young Engineers Programme (LYEP), which is in its 10th year. The LYEP was developed with the objective of creating a steady pipeline of competent engineers to support Lafarge Malaysia's plant operations.

Over the years, the LYEP has developed more than 50 engineers who are still working with Lafarge Malaysia today. 

Championing Diversity

As a multinational company, Lafarge Malaysia strongly believes in encouraging and embracing diversity in the workplace.


We reach out to the physically challenged, and have on our staff ten personnel who are deaf and mute. These special individuals, fondly known as "Angels" internally, have been serving in the Supply Chain Department since 2010. When the occasion calls for it, the assistance from the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf is sought to enhance the communication between the "Angels" and management.


Lafarge is also on the forefront of gender equality; one of the Group's Sustainability Ambitions for 2020 is to have at least 35% of senior management positions being filled by women. For the year ended 31 December 2013, Lafarge Malaysia exceeded the target at 35.9%.

Boosting Morale

At Lafarge Malaysia, we take the adage of "a happy employee is a productive employee" seriously, as employee morale plays a crucial part in ensuring the company's continued success.


On 27 March 2013, for the first time in our 60-year history in Malaysia, we organised a "Bring Your Kids to Work Day" which was held at the Head Office. Our employees were encouraged to bring their children to the workplace. This event served as an introduction for the children to the working environment at Lafarge Malaysia, where they spent a day experiencing what their parents go through on a typical day at work. It was also a great platform for the children to discover the link between what they learned in school and how they would be able to apply it in the future.