Sustainability is one of the strategic pillars for Lafarge Malaysia Berhad. Our sustainability performance is considered fundamental to our business success and sustainability is in fact embedded in our day-to-day operations. 

Central to our approach is a strong emphasis on Health and Safety. It is a core value that for our culture and provides the framework for the way employees are expected to behave.

We are committed to inclusivity and we engage with communities within which we operate through regular dialogues, socioeconomic footprint studies and community activities. It is an opportunity for us to gain feedback on our operations and how we impact them.  

We also actively engage with analysts through our quarterly briefings. They subsequently report on our fiscal and sustainability performance to shareholders. Another avenue of shareholder engagement is the Annual General Meeting where we brief our shareholders on our full year performance.

We are currently in the midst of preparing for a materiality analysis exercise. It will allow us to fine-tune our priorities and improve the sustainability of our business practices. This will be reflected in our next stand-alone Sustainability Report which is scheduled to be published in 2019.


Good corporate governance means having structures and processes in place to ensure that decisions and actions are in the best interests of stakeholders. The Board of Directors reviews and assesses the strategic directions required to achieve the Company’s goals for long-term sustainable growth. The Executive Committee with the help of the Sustainability Working Committee oversees the activities executed by the various divisions of the Company to ensure conformity to the strategies and objectives.