For more than 60 years, Lafarge Malaysia has played and is playing an integral part in practically all the communities in Malaysia, providing the essential building solutions without which, there will be no homes, buildings, offices, schools, hospitals or infrastructures. However, for those communities that are directly impacted by our activities, we want to form a visible mutually beneficial bond that is positive, empowering and sustainable.

While we define sustainable development through the process of improving and providing better quality solutions, contributing to long-term social and economic development, Lafarge Malaysia actively support efforts to promote environmental conservation to improve the quality of life for the communities while respecting and preserving our planet for future generations.

Our Group Sustainability Ambitions 2020 are organised around three main pillars with nine major ambitions. The three main pillars are Building Communities, Building Sustainably and Building the Circular Economy.

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Sustainability Reporting

2014 marks the first year that Lafarge Malaysia Berhad is publishing a separate Sustainability Report as a standalone record of our commitment to sustainable development. This initiative is inspired and guided closely by the Sustainability Ambitions 2020 of the global Lafarge Group, which brings with it very concrete objectives that are designed to contribute visibly and significantly to society.

This Sustainability Report details Lafarge Malaysia’s efforts in managing its environmental footprint through our actions related to alternative fuel usage, biodiversity, water management and CO2 emissions. Understanding that sustainability extends beyond ecological concerns, we have also included information on the various activities and initiatives undertaken in terms of health and safety aspects, community outreach programmes, and emphasis on employee diversity & skills. These are detailed in the Creating Value for Our Stakeholders section.