MASCRETE LH exceeds the quality requirements specified in the Malaysian Standard MS1227:2003-Specification for Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement and MS522:2007 CEM II/B-V (which is based on BS EN 197) Composition, Specifications & Conformity Criteria for Common Cements.



MASCRETE LH is the trade name of a specially manufactured Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement (also called Portland-fly ash cement) by Lafarge Malaysia.


The production of MASCRETE LH by intergrinding ensures homogeneity and consistency in the quality of the product.


MASCRETE LH is effective in reducing core temperature of big concrrete structures, also to resist Chloride and Sulfate attack for marine situations and to improve overall concrete durability.


MASCRETE LH is manufactured under an effective system of testing, control and monitoring, conforming to requirements under SIRIM's Product Certification Licence MS ISO/IEC 17025.