Lafarge to Expand Reach, Market Share


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New Straits Times

By Roziana Hamsawi


28 November 2013


Lafarge to Expand Reach, Market Share
BUILDING SOLUTIONS: Firm encouraged by positive outlook on construction sector


LAFARGE Malaysia Bhd president and chief executive officer Bradley Mulroney says the company will continue to invest in Malaysia due to the positive outlook on the construction sector.


He said the construction sector is getting technically demanding and Lafarge, being an expert in providing building solutions, will continue to expand its reach and market share in the country.


Mulroney said while Lafarge is involved in most high-profile infrastructure projects, these only represent a small part of what Lafarge does here.


"Much of our work is in areas outside Kuala Lumpur where more than 22 million Malaysians reside.


"We want to ensure that every part of Malaysia gets to use our high-quality products," he said.


Declining to disclose the amount of investment it will pump into the construction business, Mulroney said the allocation will be significant as Malaysia is an important market.


Lafarge has three integrated cement plants and a grinding plant, and is Malaysia's largest cement manufacturer.


Mulroney was speaking after signing a memorandum of understanding with CIDB Holdings Sdn Bhd to promote the use of cement and concrete solutions to elevate construction standards and contribute to sustainable construction, here, yesterday.


"At a time when Malaysia is moving closer to becoming a high-income nation, the pursuit of sustainable development is even more crucial now," he said.


Meanwhile, CIDB Holdings chairman Datuk Seri Judin Abdul Karim said Malaysia aims to have a world-class construction industry and the partnership with Lafarge will develop a steady stream of skilled personnel.