Lafarge Malaysia contributes expertise to The Habitat Penang Hill


Lafarge Malaysia contributes expertise to The Habitat Penang Hill

HydromediaTM technology enables safer pathway for the public

A total of 62 local landscape architects from all over Malaysia recently attended an Expedition Study Tour organised by the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM) and Lafarge Malaysia at The Habitat Penang Hill. The Habitat rainforest is part of the lungs of Penang and is a popular tourist attraction on the top of Penang Hill with world-class facilities, dramatic natural beauty and a commitment to conservation and environmental awareness.


During the tour, the landscape architects had the opportunity to update themselves on the latest sustainable Hydromedia™ solutions by Lafarge Malaysia which had been used at The Habitat Penang Hill since 2014. The very high permeability and drainage capacity in HydromediaTMenables The Habitat to collect rainwater through a built-in drainage system and use the water for sustainable purposes, such as watering all plants at The Habitat’s various attractions.

“We first started our conversation in 2014 with Frederick Walker, the designer of The Habitat Penang Hill as they required concrete that was environmentally-friendly for the pathway at The Habitat. Due to The Habitat’s location on the unique Penang Hill ground, we offered our HydromediaTMsolution as it has the ability to permeate rainwater and facilitate its natural runoff into the ground. We took four months to implement the solution for the 1.6-kilometre pathway at The Habitat. At Lafarge, we want to help build better cities and we are proud to be part of this project in this iconic location,” said Edmund Foo Yeong Chyang, Lafarge Malaysia’s Concrete General Manager for Northern region.  

“The Habitat is Penang’s latest ecotourism attraction, which aims to educate all visitors about nature. The Habitat’s forest reserve has a 1.6-kilometre trail, designed with a flat surface that is 8-feet wide to ensure accessibility for visitors of all ages, including the disabled. The usage of Lafarge’s Hydromedia™ enables our visitors to appreciate our local rainforest habitat and the native wildlife and plants when they go on the nature trail,” explained Walker. 

HydromediaTM facilitates the flow of rainwater into the subsoil and reduces the risk of flooding, making it suitable for locations such as parking lots, driveways and sports grounds. Its cutting-edge technology makes it easier to implement and stronger than ordinary pervious concrete, besides giving it greater robustness and long-term resistance.