Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME Offers Malaysians the Opportunity to Co-Create Their Ideal Home


Lafarge Malaysia, and S P Setia inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) today to launch the MYHOME initiative.

Co-owned by Lafarge and, MYHOME enables Malaysians to actively co-create their dream home. Their input, to be collated via a nation-wide survey, will be used as a basis for the design of homes that would be built by Malaysia’s award winning developer S P Setia.

The first of its kind in the country, the initiative is supported by Feruni, Lightcraft, Nippon Paint and Panasonic.

Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME has been inspired by the EdgeProp-Lafarge Happiness in the City (HITC) Index 2017 which showed that homes are integral to Malaysians’ happiness with quality of life and affordable housing being key concerns for the urbanites.

Whilst HITC sparked a discussion on living environments in the city and what can be done to make urban Malaysians happier, Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME will see the realisation of Malaysians’ ideal home.

The Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME initiative comprises three segments: survey, design, and build.

For the survey, Malaysians can share their thoughts on what they consider to be their ideal home by answering 28 simple questions at Malaysians have until 31 March 2018 to participate in the survey.

All the respondents’ answers will be aggregated and analysed. A consensus on all aspects of the functions and features of Malaysia’s ideal home will then be incorporated in the design of homes that will be constructed by S P Setia.

Lafarge Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Thierry Legrand said, “Lafarge aspires to help build better through this initiative to co-create the ideal home with the people. Our home is the single biggest financial investment in our lifetime for the majority of us. More importantly, it is where we invest our time, energy and passion for to make it a haven for our loved ones. With your input, we can shape the landscape of the future where homes are well built, connected, accessible, and affordable. We are excited to see what we come up with. Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief Au Foong Yee said Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME is a game changing proposition for the home ownership landscape in Malaysia. “For the first time ever, Malaysians get to co-create their ideal home. This home will be a reality as it will be built and put on the market for sale.

While some developers poll the preference of their customers, the Lafarge-EdgeProp MYHOME initiative goes beyond that. The questions asked in this survey have been carefully crafted to draw out from the respondents their needs and wants in an ideal home; not house. Elements such as pricing, security and ambience, for example, are among the areas examined,” she continued.

"All information and data collated will be analysed and served as an input for the building of Malaysia's Ideal Home,” she added.

S P Setia Chief Executive Officer Dato’ Khor Chap Jen said, “We are honoured and delighted to be the main partner of this initiative with Lafarge and as this is an excellent platform to offer a unique value proposition to homeowners. Having the breadth and depth to offer a variety of quality homes to Malaysians based on our development philosophy of livelearnworkplay, S P Setia will continue to push the boundaries in providing homes that meet the needs and aspirations of Malaysians today and the generations to come.

This initiative will give an entirely different and fresh approach to homeowners sharing their needs and ideas without the usual regulations and plans constraints. It will also establish S P Setia as the leader in building the ideal Malaysian homes, thus showcasing our strength and versatility in offering innovative products. We hope this initiative will also challenge the status quo and encourage the industry to rise to the next level,” he added.

Lafarge, and S P Setia alongside Feruni, Lightcraft, Nippon Paint and Panasonic, all leaders in their respective industries are cemented in efforts to drive the industry forward through sustainable solutions to improve the quality of living for urbanites.

All these partners strongly encourage Malaysians to seize this opportunity to have their say in the co-creation of their ideal home.