Construction Development Lab (CDL)


The Lafarge Group invests more than €120 million or RM500 million annually to research, product development, industrial performance and process improvement. Located at Lyon, France, the Lafarge Research Centre (LCR) is the world's leading research facility in building materials with a portfolio of more than 1,000 patents. There are more than 240 experts consisting of engineers and technicians from a variety of scientific backgrounds working at the LCR.

Construction Development Lab in Malaysia

Lafarge Malaysia opens its Construction Development Lab (CDL) in Malaysia on 23 June 2014, making it the first in South East Asia and fifth in the world.


The CDL enables Lafarge Malaysia to tap into its Group global experience and technical know-how and bring in and adapt solutions at a much faster rate to meet the local market conditions and technical requirements, catering to the Malaysian construction industry's needs.


The CDL is to function as a collaboration hub for Lafarge to work closely with its stakeholders, to understand the local construction industry needs and challenges as well as to develop solutions for the local construction industry. Architects, developers, engineers and others can come together to participate in the development and testing of new ideas and solutions at the CDL.


It houses three labs - a cement, a concrete and an aggregates lab, with state-of-the-art testing equipment for quality control and assurance of its products. It also has an open testing space for prototypes and demonstrations of new systems and structures. Located nearby the CDL is a ready-mixed concrete batching plant which makes it ideal for tests and demonstrations to be carried out.