Bertrand Collomb Steps Down as Chairman of Lafarge, Bruno Lafont Appointed as Chairman


27 May 2007


The Board of Directors of Lafarge, at a meeting on May 3 2007 chaired by Bertrand Collomb, appointed Bruno Lafont Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lafarge.


The Board thanked Bertrand Collomb for the 18 years he had devoted to the growth and international development of the Group and the promotion of its values. The Board congratulated him on the manner in which he had prepared his succession and on his continued commitment to exemplary standards of corporate governance. During this period, sales and net income were multiplied by five and enterprise value increased tenfold. Bertrand Collomb has been appointed Honorary Chairman of the Group.


The Board recognised the contribution made by Bruno Lafont, who has fully demonstrated his talents in his role as Chief Executive Officer of Lafarge since January 1 2006.


On Bertrand Collomb and Bruno Lafont's recommendation, the Board adopted the principle of appointing a Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, to be chosen from amongst the independent directors. This decision marks the Group's desire to continue to implement best practice in terms of corporate governance. This appointment will be made at a future date.


Bertrand Collomb commented:


"It is with considerable emotion, but also confidence in the future of the Group, that I am standing down as Chairman of Lafarge. I would like to thank all of those who I have had the pleasure of working with at Lafarge over the years. Together, we have built a Group which today has a huge potential.


Lafarge is an exceptional company, and I am proud to have been at its head. One essential quality in a manager is to know how to prepare for his succession. In my case this is now done, and I am delighted to be handing over to Bruno Lafont, who has all the qualities that will be needed to lead our Group in a changing world."