Lafarge Aggregates offers a wide range of durable, versatile products available from our sites. We provide aggregates for a broad range of construction applications including projects that require specialiased performance characteristics and delivery logistics. All our products are thoroughly tested at our dedicated in-house testing laboratories to ensure only the highest quality products are supplied.


Our quarry materials fall broadly into three categories:

  • Concrete materials: specified aggregates used in a variety of concrete mixes
  • Road materials: crushed rock is screened and blended to suit a variety of applications from driveway  to national roads
  • Specialised materials: blended aggregates for use in the road, paving, brick and block industries


The carefully controlled processes of crushing, screening, grading and blending our aggregates mean that Lafarge is able to meet the very highest standards, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction across the product range.


Depending on the application, Lafarge Aggregates are able to supply materials in full compliance with the British Standards and Malaysia Standards for aggregates; also in compliance with the specification for highway works.

Manufactured Sand - Product Innovation
In view of the increasing scarcity of natural sand and with escalating prices, it is important to source for sustainable fine material as substitution to natural sand.
We made product improvement to aggregates particle shape of 20mm using VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) technology - "rock on rock" crushing. This improvement will provide better mix optimisation in concrete.