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Safety Induction Centre

As part of our continous effort to promote Health & Safety, Lafarge Malaysia has built a Safety Induction Centre in each of its four cement plants.

Safety Induction Centre is a one-stop safety training centre, which provides classroom and live learning experience on safety.  It consists of a classroom and display room whereby attendees will experience common safety practices in the cement industry.


The classroom is equipped with a modern training facility while the display room showcases safety items that are related to Lafarge safety priorities namely personal protective equipment (PPE), work at height (WAH), working in confined space, energy isolation, hot work and road safety.


The idea of having the safety induction centre came across when the Health & Safety Committee from Rawang Plant visited Shell Refinery Company in Port Dickson in 2005.


At the Induction Centre, attendees will experience putting on actual PPE such as safety harness and complete PPE for cyclone unplugging activity.  Attendees can also experience how it feels working inside confined space and WAH as there are live sample of confined space and scaffolding in the Induction Centre.


To improve the understanding on LOTOTO, a real energy isolation facility such as the local isolation facility such as the local isolation box and visual cut off switch are available for attendees to practice.


In general, the objective is to have an effective and consistent learning on health and safety, which will accelerate the behaviour changing process for teammates, contract workers and visitors towards being the safest company not only in the sector but across all ndustries.


Specifically it is also to:  


  • Enable authorised teammates to facilitate safety induction training for new employees, contract workers and visitors.
  • Have a centralised training venue, which will provide classroom and visual learning experience to all.
  • Enhance safety and health knowledge through visual observation and practical experience.


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Lafarge Malaysia achieves more than 100 million km travelled without fatality and LTI

An achievement which is equivalent to circling the globe over 2,500 times without fatality and lost time injury.

On 31 August 2014, Lafarge Malaysia achieved more than 100 million km travelled without fatality and lost time injury.  This achievement was made possible through the support and efforts of our drivers, transporters and our employees.  


Safety at Lafarge Malaysia

Safety All Round

Whenever you visit any Lafarge Malaysia's plant, you cannot miss the strong message emphasising on Safety.  It starts with the safety induction centre which you have to go through before entering the site.  The safety induction centre is used to train newly hired personnel as well as contractors, employees or visitors on the various aspects of safety such as Working at Height, Personal Protective Equipment, Working in Confined Space and others. 


For more information on our safety induction centre, please click on

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