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1) Plaster

Premium polymer modified plastering cement specially designed to be used as the undercoat for all types of brick walls and block walls. Its water retention properties and adhesion strength make it a superior plastering cement that minimises cracks. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.

 6. QuickSkim - White (389)

3. Tile Adhesive - White (363)

QuickPlast™ 399

A top quality plastering cement specially designed for application on brickwalls and blockwalls. QuickPlast 399 is a durable plaster that is suitable for both internal plastering and external rendering.


Water retention is a vital property, as cement binding can only be developed through hydration (reaction with water). QuickPlast™ water retention technology ensures that the necessary moisture is retained long enough to complete the cement hydration process. Premature drying of wet plaster due to background substrate absorption and evaporation process from wind and heat is now effectively avoidable.


The coalescing effect of QuickPlast™ promotes consistency and plaster spreadability. QuickPlast™ coalescing technology ensures effective internal cohesion and background substrate adhesion, thus promoting easy spread with anti-sag properties. Hollowness and wet stage tensile displacements can be avoided. This coalescing effect also has an important function of bridging adjoining aggregates thus improving plaster flexibility and resistance to abrasion.


The combined properties of water retentivity and coalescence make QuickPlast™ a better plaster for more durable walls. Surface-cracks and brittleness can be prevented thus extending the serviceability life-span of walls. All you need after QuickPlast™ is a suitable coating of paint to complete a robust and durable wall system.


Superior substitution to job-site-mix cement-sand mortars.


1. QuickRender™ (387)


Specially designed to be used as the undercoat for all types of brickwalls and blockwalls. It is suitable for surface improvement works on cement rendered surfaces. Harderned QuickRender surface can be further smoothened with skim coat. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.

2. Thin Plaster (386)


Specially formulated to be used as undercoat for all types of blockwalls. It is also suitable to be used as spatterdash coat on concrete surfaces. Hardened Thin Plaster surface can be further smoothened with Skim Coat. It is suitable for interior and exterior use.

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