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MASCRETE PRO™ exceeds the quality requirements speficied in the Malaysian Standard MS1227:2003 - Specifications for Portland Pulverised-Fuel Ash Cement and BS EN197-1:2000:Composition, Specifications & Conformity Criteria for Common Cements.


MASCRETE Pro™ is the trade name of specially manufactured pozzolanic cement by Lafarge Malaysia, Malaysia’s leader in clinker and cement production.


MASCRETE Pro™ is produced by controlled addition of good quality pulverised-fuel ash (PFA) to requisite proportions of clinker and gypsum during the grinding process.


The production of MASCRETE Pro™ by intergrinding ensures homogeneity and consistency in the quality of the product.


MASCRETE Pro™ is an economical and effective mean to modify the quality of concrete to meet various technical requirements.


MASCRETE Pro™ exceeds the quality requirements specified in the Malaysian Standard MS1227: 2003 – Specifications for Portland Pulverised-fuel Ash Cement and BS EN197 – 1 : 2000: Composition, Specifications & Conformity Criteria for Common Cements.


MASCRETE Pro™ is manufactured under an effective system of testing,control and monitoring, conforms to requirements under the SIRIM QAS International Product Certification License.

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 Kanthan Plant, Perak


Langkawi Plant, Kedah


Pasir Gudang Plant, Johor


 Rawang Plant, Selangor

LafargeHolcim. Cement, aggregates, Concrete.